My Tools

Here is a list of some of the tools I use in sessions and that I offer to my clients as means to their ends.


Did you know that high level sportsmen and women have access to a specialized mental training, that allows them to recuperate from a wound or physical trauma up to twice as fast as without said training ?

In a similar way, many internal physical processes of the body can be facilitated by the open activation of imagination. Processes such as cicatrization, strengthening of the immune system, bone repair, muscle recuperation and many others can be reinforced or accelerated when accompanied with a corresponding mental imagery, often in a symbolic or metaphoric form.

This method is ideal for any issue where forging an aliance with one's own body would be reccomended.

For more information : PhoenixCapacity


Modern hypnosis is a solution-oriented therapeutic tool designed for efficient change while being entirely respectful of the person. Essentially, it is a form of communication between the conscious will and autonomous behaviours, which can form unconscious obstacles.

It allows you to access the parts of you that generate these behaviours. You will be able to develop your abilities, draw from you inner resources and change as YOU want to change !

Tobacco and other addictions, weight concerns, chronic pain, fears, sleep problems, stress, emotions, sports training, and more ... the applications have no other limit than your motivation.

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Coaching is the art of "learning how to succeed." The coach is the one who asks questions like how you can:

  •  change right here, right now
  •  live and develop yourself here and now
  •  drive your life according to your choices
  •  evolve, adapt, and realize your goals for yourself here and now, in this society, in this world with what you are now. 

Coaching rests on the principles of autonomous responsibility of the individual, adaptive intelligence, and the logic of meaning.

Systemic coaching is the art of integrating and giving voice to all the pieces that form an individual's environment (e.g. family, work, the internal world, and its relation to the exterior), and pointing this in the direction of change wished for.

Coaching is ideal for helping you to accomplish your projects, no matter their scale or ambition. If you have a goal, or a direction you feel like moving towards, then coaching will help you get there, and get you there faster too !

For more information : Linkup Coaching


Utilizing your breathing, controlled movements and your ability to visualize positive images, you can activate beneficial effects in the entirety of your mind-body system.

Long used in a medical environment, Sophrology is now used accross the social and personal development spectrum, but also in the office, in sports, and in education.

Repeated practice of Sophrology produces new neuronal stimulations in our brain. The well-being felt and integrated at the end of every session is only the beginning of a rewiring of your neural networks towards positivity.

Sophrology is inspired by hypnosis, phenomenology, as well as oriental techniques such as Yoga and Zen.

Sophrology is a work of mental preparation and can help you to prepare for :

  • a job interview
  • a sports competition
  • a school exam
  • a delivery
  • a surgical intervention
  • an artistic presentation (stage fright control)

For more information : Accueil - Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie


NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as it was named by Bandler and Grinder, is a science of human communication. It explains how our brain encodes itself with our language, similar to how a computer is coded with a language of code. With this knowledge, reprogramming our brains towards what we wish to be, or in the direction of our dreams and ambitions, is a first step towards any solution.

Phobia, compulsions, bad habits, negative inner dialogue, and many more things can be quickly and efficiently resolved with this tool.

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