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"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather" . Pema Chödrön

What is your vision ?

Change must be a joyful thing, or, when it is necessary to go through tears or strong emotions, it must bring a greater capacity for joy and happiness. 

It is with this vision of the finality, harmonious and joyful, that I accompany each session. 

I like accompanying individuals who are on a quest. Looking for what, sometimes they know it, sometimes they don't, it's not so important. What is important is this thirst for something better, this search for a better state of being which is often felt as an insufficiency of the present state! As soon as there is this spark, I am amazed and I learn of the steps, solutions and evolutions that my clients find or invent and then put in place in themselves and in their lives.

What For ?

So you can :

- Speed up any learning process

- Increase sports performance

- Prepare for a public speech

- Quicken healing of mind and body

- Adjust behaviors and habits

- Work with and master your emotions

- Get your own custom tools for your personal growth

Any Speciality ?

What I like to call "heroic journeys", i.e. a series of sessions aiming to help you overcome all personal obstacles, be they mental, emotional or even physical.

Where does it happen ?

From anywhere in the world through Skype, ZoomJitsi, or any other videoconference tool.

Or at my office in Portugal, Algarve, near Lagoa

Who is it for ?

You, who may have an authentic need for change, for evolution, be it for overcoming obstacles, finding your way, or going beyond your limits.

And Me, who loves accompanying an individual towards a path of life which corresponds more to who they are and want to be within their circumstances, a brighter path such as they would define it.

How do I get in touch ?

By contacting me here or setting a date by phone

How much does it cost ?

Sessions are 1h30 long but prepare 2h of free time.

The price is 80 euros for online sessions, and 100 euros for office sessions.

For online sessions, make sure you have some water near you, a stable internet connexion, that you are in a comfortable & safe space, and make sure you won't be disturbed for the duration.

About Me

I am a Systemic Coach, NLP Coach, Sophrologist and Hypnotherapy practitionner based in Paris and Portugal. In Paris, after living for over 10 years in Asia and the Middle-East. As a coach, I specialize in bringing out inner creativity from people to solve their problems and overcome obstacles. A second-dan black belt in Taekwondo, I have also developed an expertise in coaching athletes of all levels. After a Master in Theoretical Physics at UPMC Paris, I decided to devote myself entirely to human sciences. I was trained in coaching by LinkUp Coaching (the French leading state-recognized coaching school) and awarded a Master-level certification in coaching. I was trained in NLP and Hypnotic Patterns for Learning by Richard Bandler (one of the two founders of NLP), in Hypnosis by Kevin Finel ( ARCHE) and Bill O’Hanlon, and in Sophrology by the IFS in Paris. I've also been certified in the AMPR® Method (Activation of Metaphorical Processes for Regeneration). I especially love working with the Phoenix Capacity® Method, for which I am also a trainer.
I work in partnership with personal development associations including Presence & Perspectives, which offer trainings around the world. I also work in close partnership and give trainings with the founder of the PhoenixCapacity® Method.
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