Your English-speaking NLP Coach & Hypno Practitioner in Portugal and across the world

"You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather" . Pema Chödrön

Why ?

So you can :

- Speed up any learning process

- Increase sports performance

- Prepare for a public speech

- Quicken healing of mind and body

- Adjust behaviors and habits

- Work with and master your emotions

- Get your own custom tools for your personal growth

Where does it happen ?

Through Skype from anywhere in the world

Or at my office in Portugal, Algarve, near Lagoa

Who is it for ?

You who have an authentic wish for change, for evolution, be it for overcoming obstacles, finding your way, or going beyond your limits.

How do I get in touch ?

By contacting me here or setting a date by phone


How much does it cost ?

Sessions are 1h long but prepare 1h30 of free time.

The session price is 70 euros.

Make sure you have some water near you, a stable internet connexion, and that you are in a comfortable place.

About me :

I am a Systemic Coach, NLP Coach, Sophrologist and Hypnopractitionner based in Paris and Portugal. In Paris, after living for over 10 years in Asia and the Middle-East, I co-created HypnoSpeak, a method using the tools of hypnosis to improve and accelerate language learning. As a coach, I specialize in bringing out inner creativity from people to solve their problems and overcome obstacles. A second-dan black belt in Taekwondo, I have also developed an expertise in coaching athletes of all levels. After a Master in Theoretical Physics at UPMC Paris, I decided to devote myself entirely to human sciences. I was trained in coaching by LinkUp Coaching (the French leading state-recognized coaching school) and awarded a Master-level certification in coaching. I was trained in NLP and Hypnotic Patterns for Learning by Richard Bandler (one of the two founders of NLP), in Hypnosis by Kevin Finel ( ARCHE) and Bill O’Hanlon, and in Sophrology by the IFS in Paris. I've also been certified in the AMPR® Method (Activation of Metaphorical Processes for Regeneration).  I especially love working with the Phoenix Capacity® Method, for which I am also a trainer.


I work in partnership with personal development associations including Presence & Perspectives, which offer trainings around the world. I also work in close partnership and give trainings with the founder of the PhoenixCapacity® Method.